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How to choose exercises for deltoid workout and build a training program

How to choose exercises for pumping powerful front delt and build a training program In bodybuilding, when training shoulders, exercises on the front delta are always the last in priority.

How to choose exercises for deltoid workout and build a training program

 This is due to two factors - the involvement of the front deltoid in any press movements, as well as the anatomical role of this deltoid. And although in some sports it is extremely important to have strong front deltoid, in bodybuilding the main role is played by muscle volume. But it is extremely erroneous to consider that under such circumstances and conditions, it is not necessary to train the front of the deltoid. To develop this bundle is also necessary, as well as other parts of the deltoid, but the key point will be to build a training program for a competent combination of shoulder exercises and bench presses. So, if you want to create powerful peak deltoid, then this article is for you.

Deltoid exercises features and theory

In the field of bodybuilding and fitness, there is a simple rule - for the exercise to be as effective as possible, the muscle must perform its main function. The simplest examples are quadriceps and squats, army bench presses and shoulders, as well as dozens of other comparisons. These axioms of training directly relate to exercises on the front deltoid. If you make movements incorrectly, violating the technique and some features, then the growth of the deltoid will be minimal. Why are the exercises on the front bundle considered the most insignificant in terms of priority? The fact is that the front deltoid are actively involved in most bench press movements. This applies to the bench press, dumbbells at any angle. Since in the training of beginners, bench presses prevail over traction, the front deltoid receive the most load.

Thorough training of this area may well lead to overtraining, which will negatively affect muscle growth.

If the athlete has built a perfectly harmonious program, then all the shoulder deltoides will be in priority position in one position (with a minimum margin to the rear deltoid, which decently affects posture). Now about the exercises. To focus on specific deltoids, you need to perform movements that correspond to the functions of a particular muscle and joint. For the front delt, these are:

  • Front Raise;
  • Leads a hand to the body in a horizontal plane (with arms raised);
  • Pronation of the shoulder.

If we generalize everything to specific movements in bodybuilding, then the best way to train the front of the shoulder is to raise the arm in front of you. Many trainers advise you to remember a simple rule regarding movements:

  • Hands are directed forward - the front deltoid;
  • On the sides - the medial deltoid;
  • Hands are laid back - back deltoid.

As a result, it becomes clear that shoulders are best developed with arms raised with weight in front of them. They also train the shoulders of the Makha decently while standing, they use both the middle and the front deltoid. And, of course, most bench presses. It is also worth considering that if you want to train the upper chest, you can not put the angle on a horizontal bench above 30–35 degrees. Otherwise, the load will already take on the front bundle of deltoid.

front delt exercises: Front dumbbell raise

Dumbbell raise is almost always included in shoulder training, but most athletes do it wrong. It is also worth considering that this is one of the few movements for the shoulders that allow you to turn on the front deltoid to a greater extent. The very concept of front raise is very erroneous and can mislead beginners. Any raises should be performed at a moderate pace and controlled, the only way to feel the front deltoid and concentrate the load on the desired area. Simply put, raising dumbbells in maximum amplitude is not worth it, this is the wrong approach. It is important to know that it is strictly forbidden to take a lot of weight for the swing. In this case, other muscles will take the load and the exercise will be ineffective. Therefore, do not be shy to work with small dumbbells, even professional bodybuilders perform similar movements in a pump-style, using minimal weight. Therefore, it is worth remembering the following rules:

  • Front raise should be performed only to the level where the arm is parallel to the floor (you can feel that the maximum tension in the muscle occurs at the top);
  • Movement should be performed at an average pace or closer to slow Rexogin vial description. Each centimeter of raising and lowering the hand to the initial position should be controlled, excluding inertia;
  • The exercise must be performed with small weights in a multi-repetition style.

If you adhere to the technique, you can see a rather interesting paradox. When deltoid grow much better when working with small weights.

Arnold press to build deltoid muscle

This is one of the most technically complex, but very effective shoulder movements. If you want to really understand how to build up the front deltoid, it is better to start mastering it as soon as possible. This exercise was created taking into account the features of the middle and front bundles, therefore, it affects both parts of the shoulders simultaneously. That is, this is the best movement to “kill two birds with one stone” - visually expand your shoulders and create peak deltoid in the form of a hemisphere, which is often considered one of the standards of athletic physique. To perform the exercise, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Sit on a bench (angle of 90 degrees or slightly less) and firmly press your lower back to the back. Legs should be firmly on the floor;
  • Take the dumbbells in your hands so that they are at the level of the chin. Turn your elbows slightly to the sides. The palms should be turned inward;
  • As you inhale, start raising your arms up. When the dumbbell is at the crown level, turn your palms so that they do not look toward the body, but forward (out);
  • At the top, exhale and hold the dumbbells for a few seconds. Next, inhale and slowly return the dumbbells to their original position, with a turn of the hand;
  • The body should remain fixed and motionless, the head and neck are straightened, a look at the level of the horizon.

It is very important to understand that the movement is very slow and controlled.

Other important exercises for the front deltoid workout

Now consider all the other exercises that will pump powerful front deltoid. It is very important to consider that the shoulder is designed in such a way that during most movements several deltoids are included in the work at once. It is very difficult to load one part directly, because in most cases only 1-2 exercises will be isolation, the rest will involve at least two delts.

Military press to target delts muscle

A universal movement that perfectly works on all three deltoids, but focuses on the middle and front. It is recommended to perform it with a barbell and with dumbbells, alternating both options by week.

Deltoid workouts: seated dumbbell bench press

A good option to load the shoulders, but at the same time exclude the back and inertia from work.

It is important to note that if you are doing the Arnold Bench press, then you should no longer do the dumbbell bench press. These exercises are also better alternated weekly.

Standing lateral raise to build muscles of the shoulder

One of the most popular movements. It is worth noting that it will be effective only with perfect adherence to technology and also work with small weights. Do not be surprised that professional athletes who can easily squeeze out 120 kg or more sitting, for this movement take dumbbells of 12-15 kg. Only in this way can deltoid be loaded, forcing other muscles to partially shut down from work.

Upright row to target front deltoid

One of the most ideal exercises of the old school. Involves all three deltoids, and also allows you to vary the load using the grip width. It is recommended that you always include it in your training program on the day your shoulders are worked out.


To summarize, among the basic exercises for deltoid, the program should include:

  • Military press;
  • Arnold press;
  • Dumbbell Press (Sitting / Standing);
  • Db raise to the sides;
  • Upright row.

Isolation exercises:

  • Lifting dumbbells in front of you;
  • Raise your hands in the lower block.

For the front deltoid, you need to select no more than 2 basic and one isolation exercises. Arnold's bench press perfectly alternates with a sitting dumbbell bench press, the army bench press - with a standing dumbbell bench press. It is better to include the barbell pull in the chin every workout, this is one of the most voluminous basic movements. After that, it is enough to do 1 isolating exercise on the front bundle. t is extremely important to think over the program so as not to combine powerful bench presses with shoulder training. They are strictly forbidden to put together, because in this case, you can get underreporting, which will impede muscle growth. It is best to put your feet between the training of shoulders, especially the front deltoid so that the deltoid have time to recover. There are also schemes for adding deltoid to training large muscles, which are based on the concept of stress consolidation. The front bundle is added to the chest training, the rear and middle - to the back training. In this case, the shoulders get enough rest and full recovery, which will become the key to muscle growth.

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